4 Ways to Ruin a Solvent Paint Gun

Clean Paint Spray Gun Cut Away

Properly Cleaning Spray Paint Gun

  1. Leave the Cap on the Paint Gun When You Clean It
    This will make it impossible to clean out the paint inside the cap and on the fluid tip – – this stuff builds-up over time ruining your SPRAY PATTERN!

Do This Instead: 

Remove the cap and clean out the paint inside the cap and on the fluid tip with the flow brush – – -pay attention to the tiny holes “Shapers & Horns” of the air cap – -if they clog-up, your spray patterns are TOAST!!

  1. Don’t Worry About that Fluid that Gets Into the Air Passage When You Are Cleaning the Gun
    When paint solids dry inside the air passageways over-and-over – – it causes a build-up and when it eventually “sheds” flakes of paint, they go right to your paint job… GOT DIRT??

Do This Instead: 

Always attach the compressed air quick-disconnect to the base of the gun during the cleaning process. This “seals-out” the fluid and when you trigger the paint gun during cleaning, it helps power flush the inside of the gun protecting from any build-up of paint residues…… NO MORE DIRT OR CLOSING PATTERN!

  1. Go ahead and go right to the spray gun cleaner to clean the Paint Gun
    Not doing a pre-rinse to remove the solids will eventually clog up your spray gun cleaner with excessive residues…. MAKING IT HARDER TO CLEAN!!

Do this instead: 

Always dump the paint left in the gun into a waste barrel after you disconnect the cup. Then pre-rinse the paint gun with solvent and dump that into the waste container! Be sure to “trigger” the gun to let some of the rinse come out of the fluid tip……REMOVING MOST OF THE SOLIDS!!

  1. Don’t worry if some paint remains in the fluid passageways after cleaning – – the next paint going through will flush it out.
    This is a poor practice that will lead to a build-up of paint material. Ruining the spray guns performance. DIRTY SPRAY GUN PRODUCES DIRTY RESULTS!!

Do This Instead: 

Follow a systematized cleaning process that provides results. Pre-Rinse… connect compressed air, use cleaning tools, allow to dry. CLEAN SPRAY GUN EVERY TIME!!