Every Good Business Owner Is In Business To Make A Profit.

One More Job Can Make The Difference, So Can One Violation

As the recession hit just a few years ago what meant profitability for many was a very fine line. Just one more job per day could mean the difference between profit and loss. Our goal, increase profitability without compromising quality and reputation of the shop. All this while maintaining excellence in the product output. Searching to find hidden profits that with a few changes could make a big difference. Bottom line, shops need to increase the number of cars running through production (Velocity) in a given day! Time does equal money!

Protecting the environment and creating “Velocity” is at the core of who BECCA is.

We are proud that every aspect of our product development keeps in mind the environment while striving to improve the “Velocity” reducing the production cycle. With our engineers and product developers we are able to do all the above. Whether it is our FLASH DRY Waterborne and Solvent Drying System [cutting dry times 20-50%, adding one more job per day creating “Velocity”], our Solvent Recovery Systems [Reducing Hazardous waste exposure and costs], or The BECCA System of Spray Gun Cleaning & Waste Management [Improving “Velocity” with first through paint quality and speed of cleaning]. Our product lines we are able to improve the “Velocity” in production time, cut costs, as well as cut overhead. All while meeting the EPA’s stringent industry regulations. The competition cannot say the same.

We ask you to compare us to the others in the market, look at the details and proven tests. We guarantee that our systems and machines will give you results. Our team would love the opportunity to answer any and all of your questions as well as send you some of our consumables available to you free of charge.

Whether it be an improperly cleaned and maintained spray gun or the bottleneck of back up in the spray booth waiting for paint to dry. Maybe it is the cost of paint and solvent waste being properly or improperly disposed that is sucking your profits? The BECCA team meets those needs head on. We partner with you to show you ways to increase profitability by improving the “Velocity” in your operation.


Simply let us give you the comparison and present what differentiates BECCA Inc from the rest… it is that WE DELIVER EXCELLENCE! We Deliver “Velocity”!