Flash Dry Is Making The Difference!


FLASH DRY Is Making The Difference!

BECCA‘s™ FLASH DRY  is being installed in facilities across the country. With BECCA’s proven results that speak for themselves this technology has successfully improved dry times on vehicles substantially. Waterborne paint dry times have been reduced by up to 50%. With Solvent paint dry times have been reduced by 20-30% including in hard to reach areas, such as the bumpers.

FLASH DRY has effectively brought needed and improved results to air movement systems that in many shops are ignored and not used. With the ability to dry the hard to reach places efficiently painters no longer are held up for long periods of time. Thus waiting on paint to dry or manually drying the paint with handheld air movement systems. The FLASH DRY  is able to provide effective and efficient results at an affordable price with a great return on investment.
Here is what our customers are saying:
Andres Hernandez – “Recently installed 4 units of FLASH DRY, at the Buick dealerships in Ft. Pierce and Delray Beach. We are enjoying the FLASH DRY which makes the drying process quicker. We can double the amount of jobs! This really makes a difference, you get your monies worth in a few months time…”
Watch this video testimonial from Gilman Autobody!