Paceline Welcomes FLASH DRY to Texas!

Paceline Collision CenterRecently the BECCA Team has been spending time in Texas installing our FLASH DRY™ Waterborne LogoWaterborne and Solvent LogoSolvent Paint drying system with into Paceline Collision Centers. Recently we shared an article titled “8 of 10 Painters do not like their Waterborne Drying System.” Well the results are in and this article has gone viral. Our team is busier then ever giving shops the BECCA option with FLASH DRY!

Here is an exert from this article…

Air Movement systems can have drastic influences on an auto body repair shops profitability in several ways.
  • Contamination
  • Slow Dry Times
  • Operating Cost
  • Initial Cost
These issues occur in many air movement systems in the auto body repair industry. Due to old research, many air movement systems fail to provide quality drying capabilities shop owners and painters desire to see.

  • High velocity systems creating lift of overspray from the floor and walls.
  • Moving fan blades inside the booth, generating a static charge, collecting overspray, and releasing when started
  •  Over spray collection on nozzles, released when turned on
  • Lack of maintenance on mechanical systems causing vibration displacing overspray
  • Leads to additional processes of redo’s or reworking (nib and buff)
  • Operator moving systems continually inside and outside of the booth


Paceline Collision Centers has made the move to replace unacceptable options for drying paint.

Flash Dry Rapid Drying System

Flash Dry Cuts Dry Times Up to 50%

Do You Have These Issues? Heavy Paint Application, Tiger Stripping, Long Dry Times, and/or Modeling