Waterborne Pre-Rinse Bottle



  • UNIQUE NOZZLE / SHIELD DESIGN – Makes Pre-Rinse a True Pre-Rinse & Paint Gun Cleaner 
  • NESHAP COMPLIANT – Meets 6H National Requirements (No Atomization) Other Spray Bottles in use do not meet NESHAP Requirements.
  • DEFLECTOR SHIELD – Concentrates Cleaning & Protects from Splash Back
  • SQUEEZE BOTTLE – Creates Needed Cleaning Pressure
  • RECYLABLE MATERIALS – Material of Construction are all Recyclable
  • PRODUCT SPECS – Container Vol: 17oz. (500ml) Pkg Weight:1.0lbs, Shipping: Via FedX 

*Waterborne Pre-Rinse & Spray Gun Cleaner is not intended to replace proper spray gun cleaning. It is intended as a pre-cleaning system.

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Waterborne Pre-Rinse

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