Why Using The Right Paint Gun Cleaner Is Important!

The Problem

Recently a high production shop was encountering problems in their paint department due to paint gun problems. Consequently, they reached out to BECCA representatives for help. The BECCA Team was up for the challenge. The shop was experiencing complications with their waterborne paint guns thus in need of a solution.

Using a special camera BECCA was able to identify and document the problem due to improperly cleaned spray guns. The condition of the critical fluid and the air passageways of the four waterborne guns showed a buildup of paint residues as a result, altering the atomization process and fluid recovery. As a result, we were able to offer a solution.


BECCA E50 Manual Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner Workstation
The Solution

We discovered an ineffective gun cleaner was in use, as well as a process highly discouraged by BECCA, chasing with acetone/solvent. The chasing with solvent was causing small amounts of residue material to coagulate on the surfaces of the spray gun in addition, collect more from additional cleanings. The solution was “The BECCA System,” a relatively new process put in place to keep guns clean while managing waste. Resulting in a happy customer, due to a clean delivery system, and waste management for waterborne basecoats.

As a result, these painters are now great supporters of “The BECCA System” and highly recommend the BECCA cleaning process.

Stay tuned to learn more about “The BECCA System”.

  • Little Squirt without Accessories – Operation

    Little Squirt without Accessories – Operation
  • Little Squirt Features

    Little Squirt Features
  • E50M Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner – Operation

    E50M Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner – Operation
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