Yes, One shops idea of a drying system… coated in overspray!

Currently FLASH DRY is being installed in shops across the country. Shops are experiencing 20-50% faster drying times with both Solvent Logo Solvent and Waterborne Logo Waterborne paints.
Our FLASH DRY system was designed to provide a highly effective for both Solvent Logo Solvent and Waterborne Logo Waterborne drying system while meeting the price the average shop can afford.
FLASH DRY offers:
  • SPEED  Rapid Drying by the Powerful Directed Nozzle System
  • EASY TO OPERATE – One Button Start
  • ADJUSTABILITY  Once the System has been set-up there is no
    need for Adjustments
  • LOW COST TO USE Avg. cost is approximately 30 cents /Day
  • VALUE PRICED Flash Dry System has a low purchase cost and
    can also reduce your need to upgrade your Compressor 
What is ?
  • Dynamic Air Movement – Non-directional Air Flow resulting in more effective drying.
  • Directional Air Control – Fixed position nozzles adjustable to target sizes
  • Dehydrating Paint – Quickly and effectively removes solvents
  • Dries Fast – Our Delivers Supreme Performance! 

Transform Your Paint Booth Into A Drying Chamber!

A Real Solution With Real Results – Cutting DRY TIMES