Determine Coating’s Effectiveness

Waterborne & Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners

When it comes to a coated surface, a good appearance is one of the most notable features to consider. In order to obtain a flat, smooth defect-free surface, most coating systems are formulated to display good wetting, leveling, and flow. Surface tension is the key parameter that determines good leveling and wetting of a coating

Surface tension is involved in almost every way in coatings technology i.e., dispersing, wetting, leveling, adhesion, etc. In fact, the appearance of surface defects on the coated surface is also governed by the surface tension of the materials (coating, substrate…) involved. 

There is no denying in saying that surface tension (& properties) are among the key decisive factors for the longevity and quality of the applied coatings. Defect-free appearance & color, corrosion behavior, electrical conductivity, wetting behavior, adhesion of coatings, and many other properties are determined by the surface properties of the system involved. 

Here, you will learn about the surface properties of the coating systems with a special focus on the role played by “surface tension” in determining the coating’s effectiveness. Let’s begin with the fundamentals of surface tension…