FLASH DRY™ is the answer!

The FLASH DRY™ system will provide:

  • Dynamic Air Movement: Non-directional Air Flow resulting in more effective drying.
  • Directional Air Control: Fixed position nozzles adjustable to target sizes
  • Dehydrating Paint: Quickly and effectively removes solvents
  • Dries Fast: Our 4D AIR TECHNOLOGY™ Delivers Supreme Performance!

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What Are Shops Saying?

We are installing our FLASH DRY across the USA and Canada. Jobbers are finding whether it is Waterborne or Solvent Paint our FLASH DRY system is reducing dry times 30-50% meaning up to One More Job Per Day! This directly effects the bottom line cutting production times. Listen to what they are saying.

What Does One More Job Mean?

Waterborne paint dry times have been reduced by up to 50% and solvent paint dry times have been reduced by 20-30% including in hard to reach areas, such as the bumpers. .With FLASH DRY’s innovative technology and the ability to add one more job per day to your production why would you not consider FLASH DRY?

Why We Do What We Do!

We at BECCA Inc are working hard to develop and bring to market innovative technologies that reduce waste as well as production time. Here is Barry Thomas to tell you about BECCA Inc. Our challenge at BECCA was to develop products that would provide Reduce Cycle Time, Eliminate Quality Issues and Reduce Hazardous Waste