The Right Choice Makes All The Difference

Whether you are using a Waterborne or a Solvent paint spray gun, using the correct spray gun cleaner makes all the difference in the world. There is a huge difference between the two. Our engineers here at BECCA in 2017 developed the 3P Spray Gun Cleaning System. Since that time we have been. Installing these systems in shops all across the country.

What is the 3P System and how does it work? 

For decades BECCA has designed and built the very best in spray gun cleaners whether waterborne or solvent. In 2017 our engineers did an intense dive into how our spray gun cleaners were being used and optimized the process by selecting the right combination of spray gun cleaning machines working together with the right BECCA Consumables. Our system is based on testing and feedback from top automotive painters in the industry nationwide. We have worked with these painters and organizations to achieve maximum success. Our team has taken into consideration that your time is valuable and you do not need a cumbersome process. Once a detailed cleaning is complete, then use BECCA’s RE-NU Polishing System to make a spray gun perform like a new spray gun! BECCA technology has increased the standards on spray gun cleaning equipment which has resulted in using less paint per job and cutting costs. 

How it all came about… A shop that was having problems with the performance of a waterborne paint spray gun had reached out to BECCA for assistance with solving the problem. BECCA Engineers equipped with a special camera used it to document the inner workings of the paint guns. The condition of the critical fluid and the air control surfaces of the four waterborne guns used by the shop were able to be recorded, which helped diagnose the problem. Thus the development of the 3P System.

Today, painters at this shop are great supporters of the BECCA equipment, as well as the recommended cleaning process.

3P spray gun cleaning and waste management system

Please contact a member of the BECCA Team to set up a demonstration of our 3P System and to receive more information.

What’s 3P?