BECCA is a part of PPG’s Training Center, Allison Park Pa.

Training Center Allison Park Pennsylvania

BECCA™ is excited to have delivered and installed several of our machines in PPG’s Training Center in Allison Park Pennsylvania. At this training center, many will receive the opportunity and training using our innovative and top-level machines. This training facility offers the very best in training within the automotive paint industry. 

In this facility, BECCA™ has installed our E100M   WaterborneSpray Gun Cleaner w/ EXPHeat System, as well as our S100M   Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner w/Filtration Recycling System. Both these machines have BECCA’s™ “Power Clean™” Technology. Power Clean™ supplies compressed Air to the Spray Gun During the Cleaning Process, protecting air passageway’s

What differentiates




Spray Gun Cleaners? 
*on all units solvent or waterborne
  • Compressed air connection to the spray gun
  • Short Bristle brush for more effective cleaning
  • Pulse Flush system to clean fluid passageways – we call it Power Pistol
  • Unique On Waterborne
    • Water Wave Cleaning Solution
    • Blow-off gun
    • Optional – Heat Systems