Fast Drying For Fast Cars – FLASH DRY Rapid Drying System

BECCA continues to install its FLASH DRY™ Rapid Drying System across the country recently installing this unit at New Concept Auto Works in Plano Texas. This is the Lamborghini production #1 for 2018. More body shops are discovering what FLASH DRY users have been talking about, the result, FLASH DRY IS FASTER! Faster than any other drying alternative for both Waterborne and Solvent paint which meets  OSHA standards while maintaining a non-contaminate environment.


FLASH DRY has had tremendous success, especially in drying waterborne paint in various climates. On average we have experienced the FLASH DRY cutting dry times up to 50% for waterborne and 20% for solvent-based paints, including primer, sealer, and clear coats. We have found the FLASH DRY has successfully increased shops productivity, accomplishing an extra vehicle a day. 

Faster Dry Times Not Faster Airflow
The FLASH DRY does not have a consistent velocity at the point of contact with the vehicle surface. As a result, Air movement can range anywhere from as low as 40 fpm to 280 fpm. The best way to describe the “Dynamic Air Movement” utilized by FLASH DRY is “conflicting air movement.” The air is constantly changing direction thus producing faster dry times and reducing the potential for contamination being agitated; affecting all surfaces on the vehicle including bumpers, grills, and fog lamp areas.


The FLASH DRY System will provide:

  • SPEED – Rapid Drying by the Powerful Directed Nozzle System
  • EASY TO OPERATE – One Button Start
  • ADJUSTABILITY – Once the System has been set up there is no need for Adjustments
  • LOW COST TO USE – Average cost is approximately 30 cents/Day
FLASH DRY System has a low purchase cost and can also reduce your need to upgrade your Compressor
  • 1 More Job Per Day!
  • Pays For Itself In Just 30 Days
  • 10 Micron Filtration
  • No Compressed Air
Experience The FLASH DRY Difference!