Flash Dry Cuts Dry Times Up to 50%

Decreasing Dry Times

A substantial barrier to developing better efficiency in auto body repair shops is the slow process of drying or curing the finish after paint application. One solution for curing paint extremely fast is through infra-red systems, which can dry wet surfaces in a matter of minutes. The downfall of infra-red systems is their ability to only cure exposed surfaces and the cost. The infra-red system is one of the most expensive drying processes in the industry. The average auto body repair shop probably cannot afford this system and deal with productivity challenges. Additionally the challenge of making it code compliant creates a load of other complications. Most often it is not feasible for the average auto body repair shop to utilize an infra-red drying system.

Air Movement Systems

Other air movement options are available but several issues occur with them and a few issues relate to a units cost and its ability to dry a vehicle.

Some of the issues that occur with many competitors’ air movement systems have to do with:

  • Cost
  • Ability to dry the entire vehicle
  • Ability to dry parts like bumpers
  • Manually processes


Cost Is A Factor

The cost of many air movement systems is much too high to justify the system. Many air movement systems only save a little bit of time due to the inability to dry hard to reach places on vehicles, such as the bumpers with their grille and fog lamp areas. As a result, the return on investment is very low.

Most air movement systems are effective at drying flat surfaces but grooved surfaces such as bumper grilles and fog lamp areas. The saying “You are only as fast as your slowest part” rings true in this step of the process. In many cases, a painter must manually dry the slower parts with handheld systems. The issue with manually drying the vehicle is that the painter could be using their time more efficiently. Automatic air movement systems allow for the painter to begin prepping for the next paint job while the vehicle is drying; although if the system does not effectively dry the vehicle the painter is stuck watching paint dry.

BECCA’s Alternative To Air Movement Systems

flash dry installBECCA’s FLASH DRY SYSTEM is a new and improved air movement system that addresses the issues of cost, ability to dry difficult areas, and use of handheld systems. BECCA has developed a system that uses 4D Air Technologies that consists of Dynamic Air, directional air control, dehydrating paint, and dries fast. With this technology Flash Dry has successfully improved dry times on vehicles substantially. Waterborne paint dry times have been reduced by up to 50% and solvent paint dry times have been reduced by 20-30% including in hard to reach areas, such as the bumpers. 

Flash Dry has effectively brought needed and improved results to air movement systems that in many shops are ignored and not used. With the ability to dry the hard to reach places efficiently the painter is no longer held up for long periods of time waiting on paint to dry or manually drying the paint with handheld air movement systems. The Flash Dry is able to provide effective and efficient results at an affordable price with a great return on investment.

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